4 Types of Best Materials for Car Bubble

4 Types of Best Materials for Car Bubble – For those of you who don’t know what a Car Bubble is, it’s natural because car bubble is a new innovation in the automotive field. This innovation is very helpful for vehicle owners in protecting their vehicles from various things such as bad weather and disturbing animals.

This car bubble is an air bubble where your vehicle will later enter into the air bubble. But for those of you who want to use car bubbles as protection for your vehicle. You need to know first 4 Types of Best Materials for Car Bubble.

4 Types of Best Materials for Bubble Cars

In the automotive field, we certainly know what is called a car cover which is useful to protect the car from heat and rain. As technological developments are now made a new innovation called Car Bubble or Car Capsule Cover. Car bubbles have many advantages when compared to car covers but both have the same type of material. Here are 4 Types of Best Materials for Bubble Cars you need to know.

1. Parasite Silver

The first type of fabric that is often used as material in car covers is silvr parasites. This type of fabric is known to be deep and strong so it is not easily damaged even though it is used repeatedly. Silver parasites are also the standard fabric for making car bubbles and car covers.

Silver parasites also have a soft and smooth texture so it won’t crack the coat of paint on your car. The waterproof material is also very suitable for use to protect cars from dust, rain water and the sun’s heat. You can also save more because you don’t need to buy car covers constantly because of the durable nature of the fabric.

2. Polyester

The type of fabric commonly used for the next car bubble material is polyester. This type of fabric is also widely chosen as material in a car cover. Polyester is also often referred to as waterproof fabric, that is because this type of fabric has excellent resistance to various types of weather such as heat and rain.

Besides polyester is also a fabric that is strong and durable and the color is also not easily wear off. With such fabric characteristics, it is not surprising that polyester is a type of fabric that is often used as a material for making car covers. Especially for cars that are often placed outdoors.


Fabric that is often used as a car cover material is nylon. Nylon is a fabric derived from synthetic rubber fibers. While the texture of this fabric is very strong, soft, flexible when pulled and not easily torn. Of course the bubble car that uses nylon fabric is very suitable for you to use, because the material is very strong and not easily damaged so that it can be used for years.

The material is soft and supple you will easily install it on your car. In addition, nylon fabric also does not cause scratches on the paint coating on your car. So that your car is still safe if you use a car bubble with nylon material.

Those are some 4 Types of Best Materials for Bubble Cars that you should know about. After you read the discussion above of course you can be more selective in choosing the material that will be used in your bubble car or car cover.